1. New on Memberly: Caveman Snacks and Conscious Clothing

    Exciting news! We’ve freshened up our homepage to show off a couple more of the awesome companies now running subscriptions on Memberly.

    Along with Steepster and Little Otsu, we now have PaleoPax, which helps adherents of the Paleo Diet to snack healthy in a modern world filled with junk food. Each monthly tasting box features five single servings of snacks free of processed ingredients and chemicals, hand-selected by the company’s professional cavemen who scour the country for new and unique edible treats.

    The other subscription comes from Sababu, a clothing company dedicated to improving the lives of the people in the west-African country of Mali through employment, educational and healthcare programs. Members of the Sababu Undershirt Club receive a two-pack of 100% cotton made-in-Mali undershirts delivered to their doorstep every three months.

    There’s a lot more on the way, and if you or someone you know is interested in running a subscription, send them on over to our application form.

  2. 21 July 2011

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    One thing we’ve always wanted to do with Steepster was start a tea of the month club. The idea was simple: every month we’d introduce people to delicious and unfamiliar loose-leaf teas from all around the world. Subscribers would learn about tea culture and discover new tea companies with each…

  3. Some exciting things are brewing…

    Some exciting things are brewing…